Couples Psychotherapy

Therapy for Couples

Making the decision to pursue couples therapy is a scary step, and one that involves you admitting that your partnership is not perfect. You are not alone! In fact, no partnership is perfect! But making sure that you and your partner are on the same page about communication, expectations and respect are vital to flourishing a healthy and deep connection. Getting started with couples therapy as soon as you notice issues arising is the most effective way to repair and strengthen your relationship.

Some of the challenges we help couples overcome are:

  • Betrayal and trust that has been tarnished
  • Increased frequency in arguments that end unresolved
  • Poor or unhealthy communication
  • Identifying the “negative” communication pattern
  • Increasing emotional awareness
  • Navigating a difficult or devastating life experience
  • Enhancing emotional intimacy that’s gone or deeply depleted
  • Improving physical intimacy

Our goal is to offer you and your partner a safe and confidential space that will encourage vulnerability between partners and increase a deeper connection.